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Our basic Forex Trading Course is offered on a complimentary basis to all persons desiring to learn about Forex trading.  To begin your Forex education, click on Lesson 1 and review carefully (and then proceed from there).  Starting with Lesson 2, there will be assignments (involving demo Forex trades and/or online questions). You will need to obtain a free demo account from one of the many online Forex Trading firms that offer them.  Please complete all lesson assignments before proceeding to the following lesson.  We hope that this Forex Trading Course will help you to begin to learn forex trading. Should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us via email.

Lesson 1.  Basics of Forex Trading. 

Lesson 2.  Currency Pairs (Majors, Minors and Exotics). 

Lesson 3.  Rollover Interest and Margin Requirements.

Lesson 4.  Fundamental and Technical Forex Analysis.

Lesson 5.  Forex Money Management (stops, limits, etc...).

Lesson 6.  Forex Trading Strategies (carry trade, trend following, etc...).

Lesson 7.  Forex Taxation (U.S. only). 

Lesson 8   Putting it All Together

Learn Forex Trading Advanced Charting

Lesson 9. (Time Zones, Arcs, Retracements, Fans)

Lesson 10. Ichimoku Charts (coming soon)

Lesson 11. ADX (Average Directional Movement Indicator) (coming soon)


Forex Learning Center

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